End of Month List: March 2021

End of Month List: March 2021


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I know, once again, I am super late for the countdown. Later than ever, really. March (and April so far in addition) was a really busy month for me. As you can see, my Reviews and Features pages are in massive need of updating, and it is something I plan on doing when I get a bit more time.

There was a whole lot of music this month, but there was no Wadachi or My War. It was the first month where I did not give a 9 to any song, but I still would call it a pretty strong one. There were a lot of growers, and an equal number of fallers.

Eurovision had an excellent month, screaming right back to my attention. C-Pop also surprisingly soared my listens due to a strong new soundtrack, and some equally strong singles. Korea and Japan also had strong months, but nothing like their blitzkreig late-February.

For ABC releases, things were more mixed. There was a whole lot of quantity, but the quality was mixed, with a lot of middling releases between the a-grade ones. Hopefully, things go up from here.

My top 5 leads only by a slim margin, and things could, and almost certainly will shift. And despite there being no 9s, the top songs are all stand-outs. In fact, my top song is certainly growing at great speeds and is likely one of the year's overall standouts. Freyr, Fantastics Super Junior, Kat-Tun, JO1, IU, and Ateez all released songs that nearly broke into the top 5.

Song of the Month

Honorable Mentions

ATEEZ - Fireworks, Take Me Home

Bon Bon Girls 303 - Team Up, SRK School

Daichi Mirua - Backwards

Daði Freyr (Daði & Gagnamagnið) – 10 Years

Fantastics - Play Back

G.E.M. - Loneliness

GHOST9 - Seoul

Kat-Tun - Roar

IU - Lilac

Jackson Wang - LMLY

JO1 - Born To Be Wild

Mirae - Killa, We Are Future

NTX - Kiss The World

SB19 - What?

Sexy Zone - Let's Music

Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open

Super Junior - Burn the Floor

WayV - Kick Back

WOODZ - Feel Like

WJSN - Unnatural

Xiao Zhan - Youth on a Horse

5. BDC - Moon Rider

4. Gjon's Tears - Tout L'Universe

3. Pentagon - Do or Not

2. Wang Kai & Zhou Shen - Harmony of Light and Dust

1. Hikaru Utada - One Last Kiss 

Album of the Month

IU - Lilac

Douluo Continent OST Soundtrack

Music Video of the Month

SB19 - What?

IU - Lilac

Daði Freyr (Daði & Gagnamagnið) – 10 Years


  1. Oh, didn't know you loved Do or Not so much! Yay. So many great songs listed here.

    [notes down] Check out Douluo Continent OST Soundtrack. [puts down the note] Work has been killing me this week but I am definitely remembering to check it out.

    1. I really enjoy Do or Not, somewhat surprising to me, as it is not really too well loved.

      The last few weeks have been crazy for me. That is why you are getting this post now, not a week ago!

      Really enjoyed Douluo Continent's soundtrack, best OST album this year so far.

  2. One Last Kiss. There's something about that song. It's one of my most repeated songs right now, though it's not usually my type?

    1. Same here. I think it might be build the song showcases, which many other songs of the same style miss. It could also be its simplicity. Whatever the case, I think the song is a gem!


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