Review: Super Junior - Burn The Floor


Review: Super Junior - Burn The Floor

So Super Junior's new title track... is pretty forgettable. The album is... for the most part, even more forgettable. Super Junior have established a legacy over the years, and shown they can do so much better.

Thankfully there is one saving grace through this terrible mess, and that is Burn the Floor. Okay, technically we got a performance version in December, but we got the studio version just now, so I am counting it as a March song.

The opening instantly interests me. The production relies on dreamy, Tchaikovsky-esque strings. I am a big fan of the late-Romantic era classical music style, and this scratches that itch. Also, notice how we get real voices. The disorienting harps help build the atmosphere as well.

This all leads to the minimalist and claustrophobic chorus. The wholes style is very, very E'Last like, making me wonder if this style will become a new trend. This is where the song really ditches trends. The beat can only be described as minimalist orchestral trap music. Everyone's voices really blend together, even if the falsetto goes a bit too high.

The second verse continues the eery build. I also am quite happy about Ryewook's part here, as is unique voice gets a great spotlight.

We then get a weird, traditional, orchestral, trap, operatic rap to close the song. Burn the Floor is one of those songs much easier to appreciate than to enjoy. It is dark, mysterious, yet beautiful. More than anything, I am happy it feels fresh.

Rating: 8.75/10

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  1. Burn The Floor also know as Her majesty, the Queen. Such a great song.

    (House Party is a hit in my house though haha, mom and I turn it on and clean the whole house in record time)

    1. Haha, there are also some K-Pop songs my whole family loves! Most of them are second gen though, SHINee and TVXQ really are awesome for everyone :)


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