Review: Twice - I Can't Stop Me

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Review: Twice - I Can't Stop Me

Last year, I became a Twice fan finally with the triple punch of 'Fancy', 'Breakthrough', and 'Feel Special'. Then, this year, we got the pretty pathetic 'Fanfare', and the mixed bag of 'More and More'. Thus, the expectations for 'I Can't Stop Me' were leaning towards negative, and I think this worked in favor of the track. It is not a 'Breakthrough', but boy is it their best single this year (I have yet to hear the album).

Icy 80s synths are coming back recently, especially for Korean female artists (males have gone for disco more). From 'Initial S' to 'La Di Da', I think this is due to Dua Lipa's 'Physical' influence. And one thing I must say, I like this trend. The verses are good, and they feel like they are building towards something.

The chorus has a go for broke energy and does not fail to disappoint. It is not the best chorus of this style, that would be La Di Da, but it is better than most choruses this style, and drives this track.

There is also this excellent rap break at the end of the track. The lyrics, which were solid to this point, become cheesy, but it feels so good for us to finally get a good girl group rap this year (we have not got one since Craxy's 'Aria'). Overall, I can't stop me thumps expectations as is easily one of Twice's best tracks.

Rating: 9/10


  1. This song lacks something in the chorus. Not like LA DI DA. So I would give this an 8.75. Unlike Blue Hour, call me biased but I'm a minority I guess, Nick's blog people have put down the main point of the song to criticize the vocal production. That is I would say dissapointing, nonetheless I was happy that Nick gave it an 8.75, regardless the processing. To be fair, I just loved Blue Hour and I loved it without prejudiced. That is the point of reviewing music, not expecting anything. What is your thoughts? It will be nominated definitely at all of the shows.

    1. I will be reviewing Blue Hour soon, tomorrow or day after. I like it a lot, but really am not a fan of the vocal processing, expect it to be a major point in my review, but the score should not be too negative. I have more to write, but I do not want to spoil the review :)

    2. Also, while I like the chorus, I agree it is weaker then La Di Da's

    3. I applaud your thoughts, I will also rate the song when you drop your review. Good luck, at least the album is I would say a notch better than Star or may as well Magic.

    4. I have yet to hear the album (busy day for me), but I can say this, beating Magic is hard for any album, Magic has some of my most played tracks of 2019 and 2020, and I do not think it will slow down any time soon :)


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