Review: Everglow - La Di Da


Review: Everglow - La Di Da

Back in February, Everglow released the excellent 'Dun Dun'. It and Ikon's 'Dive' dominated my early year plays, but I have not heard either in months. Dun Dun in particular lacked staying power, maybe it was the over-reliance on one member, the weak second verse, or just the song's lack of staying power as is, it still was Everglow's best track. Another song I will quickly mention is SoRi's 'Initial S', its 'Blinding Lights' influence eventually won me over. The reason I bring all this up is that 'La Di Da' reminds me of both these tracks. It is not flawless but has some excellent moments.

The first verse sounds extremely 'Blinding Lights'-esque retro, and I mean this in a great way. From the bratty "Nana Nana Na" hook to the synths, this is what I want in 2020 80s music. The pre-chorus is okay... it could do with some energy but is easily short.

The chorus is one of the year's best. While the heavy, icy, and cinematic 80s synths dominate, the vocals are no joke here. It is anthemic is the best sense of the word. The shouted "I'm like" would be a bit too noisy for me under normal circumstances, but works here. Mia in particular stands out.  With fewer lines, I think she is able to perform them better.

The second verse is a make or break moment for the track, and I am not sure how it will age. We are shown trap with 80s icy synths, I am not sure what to think of it, but currently, I think it works (kind of). After a start-stop verse, we hit the chorus again, this time even more majestic and a massive tempo increaser.

The following dance-break is what I want when I say I want 80s elements. It would not be out of place in an MJ song, it is just perfect. The following "turn it up loud" hook is messy, but all is forgiven when the chorus comes back.

Its a toss-up on how La Di Da ends up, but I think it will age well. The good outweighs the bad. All that I wrote may make you think I don't like it, but know, when the song hits that 80s groove, it is amazing. And as long as the second verse rap ends up growing on me, I see this getting a score 0.5 higher.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. This song is AMAZING! I can't believe they can do this POP perfection. I have no words... 10/10. At first I was actually thrown-off by the icy synths and the bridge change but OH MY! after 2 listens I got hooked. One of the best synthwave release this year.

    1. Lucky you! It is always amazing when you can find two or more 10/10 songs in a month. Due to my tastes, I have not enjoyed such a phenomenon in years. Funny that you mentioned the icy synths as a problem as they are on of my favorite features in the track :)

      Just wondering, which do you like better, this or Favorite Boys?

    2. Hm, objectively Favorite Boys has a lot of what I think, elements of diversity. Their combination of hardstyle, punk, pop, and hip-hop is overwhelmingly cohesive. EVERGLOW has the perfect catchy elements, with overall good variety the bridge has some Middle East/Central Asian soundscape to it with the combination of the icy synths. I still stand by that my favorite song of this year is actually tied between Favorite Boys/ON/Can't You See Me. I prefer Favorite boys though.

    3. So Favorite Boys for the win!


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