Review: Golden Child - Pump it Up

Review: Golden Child - Pump it Up

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Golden Child has slowly but surely built a fandom. From the 'Lady' era to the growth spurt under 'Wannabe', to their short but impressive stint on Road to Kingdom and the stunning 'One (Lucid Dream)'. I was pretty sure that they would stick with their dark concept for their next comeback. But instead, they promised a return that reminded some of the Jackson 5 with a retro vibe which could be described as fun. The hype went up further as it was announced that previous collaborator MosPick would be writing the title track. Granted, this is a single album, so do not expect the follow up to also be retro.

The verses play around with the concept of just pure fun, I just wish they were slightly more catchy, like those in 'It's U', the rappers, in particular, stand out. If you loved 2018 Golden Child, this is the song for you.

Even before the song was released, the chorus was stuck in my head from the trailers, it is simply put, an earworm. It helps Golden Child has such a large set of vocalists to hold a chorus like this together.

I must admit I was quite hyped for this song, so does it live up to its anticipation? Actually, not fully, at least until the bridge, where both the main vocalists and rappers stand out. If the track has one issue, it is that it is so short, that no one section feels highlighted for more than a few seconds. Still, the track is a blast when listened too, so just like 'One', I expect the score to increase. So I pushed the score up by a quarter.

Rating: 9/10


  1. Yes this is the Golcha track I've been craving! FINALLY! 9.25/10. Unlike WEi, utter disappointment, 5/10. I'm so sorry, but I've never been harsh before. Coming from Hui, I'm shocked that it is VERY FACELESS. My favorite is Lean On Me btw, 9.75/10.

    1. I have a review coming for the WEi song, so I won't spoil any thoughts, but it was not as good as this track, I can spoil that :)


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