Review: SuperM - One (Monster + Infinity)


Review: SuperM - One (Monster + Infinity)

SuperM has easily become one of the most prominent K-Pop groups in modern times. A super-group consisting of members of K-Pop legend groups SHINee, EXO, and currently popular (and highly consistent) group NCT. As SM's flagship group, they have showcased how to do the SMP style currently in modern times. Sure they can get cheesy (this song has a line "catch me in the latest driving spaceships"), but they are consistent and boy is their music good.

This time, for the lead single on their first full-length album, they have combined two tracks into a mega track. Two K-Pop tracks have done this before: SHINee's 2012 classic 'Sherlock' and Cross Gene's equally amazing underrated 2017 track 'Black or White'. The track is also written by legendary Korean producer Kenzie (Into the New World for SNSD, Overdose for EXO, Limitless for NCT 127). Thus, the expectations were sky-high.

The song opens with some swag rap from 'Monster' performed by the intimidating rappers from NCT. It actually reminds me of the EXO song also called 'Monster'. The verses are not perfect, but they work well with SuperM's strengths.

The chorus (which reminds of Kenzie's 'Limitless' for NCT 127), just more epic. It is cheesy but ambitious. All this culminates in an epic climax where Baekhyun more than redeems himself for his dull 'Candy', the production doubles in power. The already weird instrumentation gets weird. The "Other One" line is epic, and the audience is blown.

'One' is one (pun intended) of those songs that is not a full nine but greater than an 8.75. I will give it the higher score for now and hope it proves me right.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Your score is actually a bit right. I would rate this 8.75, the lyrics were a drawback, their delivery wasn't gritty or powerful, the composition was very catchy but not on par with what I expected or The Chaser/Sherlock level. Mastering and engineering was very good. This is not actually up to my musical taste alley, as most of SM's releases with Criminal as the exception. Actually I would compare this and the whole SuperM concept to blockbuster releases like Avengers or a Marvel movie, the production was too much for me. My values line a bit with self-production/direction, not cringy/boastful/braggadocio but just simple but poweful lyrics, especially with LYRICS. But of course I have exceptions. Sorry for my long rant.

    1. Usually I don't like bad lyrics too, but over here it works with SuperM's concept. It is unapologetically cheesy and performed like if it is high art, so I can forgive it. Although I would score it higher if the lyrics were like of the old SMP tracks (Don't Don, Rising Sun), but people forgave Nirvana for the lyrics of Smells like Teen spirit, so I will let it pass.

      Oh and I love this overstuffed production.


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