Album Review: Golden Child - Pump it Up

 Album Review: Golden Child - Pump it Up

 Golcha's new single album is too small for it to get album accolades, but it features three great tracks, and I thought I should do an album review.

 Pump it Up (Full Review)

I am worried about how this will age still, but currently, I still love it.

Rating: 9/10

That Guy

Probably my favorite song in the single album, 'That Guy' is an emotional orchestral ballad, which reminds me of B1A4's 'A Lie'. I see myself returning to this ballad during triumphs and failures. The sentimental orchestral vibe works great, and member Dayeol stands out quite well too.

Rating: 9/10

Lean on Me

An Infinite-esque dance track. Lean on Me could get a bit of help from better vocal arrangements to make it compete with 'Lately' or 'Eyes on You'. Still, I will groove to this quite a bit. It is not unique, but easily the best performed track this album.

Rating: 9/10

Overall Score: 9/10

Golden Child's new single album might not have enough tracks to count for my end of year lists (and even if I let it, it would score low due to the size). Still, I highly recommend at least one listen to it.

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  1. A solid 9/10. It's actually one of the best performed pop albums this year. Golden Child is finally back to my alley. I hope a high-octane pop song would be enough for next year. ;)

    1. Its funny you mention they are back to your alley, as I actually really enjoyed their last title track (and the B-side OMG) from Take a Leap, and Re-Boot is my favorite album from them :)

      (I am probably in the minority, but That Day is the best song in the single album for me, but only just)

    2. No I absolutely love WANNABE, but many critics have been pondering about it, also for ONE (Lucid Dream), the best electronic production this year. Well that is why I also am concerned for their sound but it's just my nonsense feelings anyway. I stanned Golcha because It's U is my favorite pop song of 2018. Well I also love electronic too, I am just concerned by others opinions.

    3. Actually, I can say now that I think the title track is closer to an 8.75 than a 9 (barely), I actually prefer One (Lucid Dream) over most tracks in their career, but I am in the minority. Pump It Up is still fun, but it does not have the climax of Genie. I personally prefer Golcha b-sides such as Lately, as they blend both sides of the group.


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