Review: Treasure - I Love You

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 Review: Treasure - I Love You

Um.. ya, this is bad. Treasure probably had one of the most hyped up debuts in the last past few years, and I was on the hype train too. Pre-release 'Going Crazy' was one of the best singles of January (despite appearing in the reality show earlier) and member Yedam's debut 'Wayo' is probably going to age as one of 2020's best K-Pop songs (though I want someone to create a spoof like "Mayo, Mayo, Mayo du du"- okay, I'll stop). But debut track 'Boy' was another song from the current style of YG title tracks dubbed "Teddysound" by K-Pop reviewer and commentator Nick James (check out his blog FYI). For those who don't know, Teddysound refers to a refreshing first verse, lackluster chorus, second verse trap break, and wannabe anthemic climax. 'Boy' proved a cringey version of this, and 'I Love You' is worse.

As with the other Teddysound tracks, the first verse is especially fresh, recalling 2019 TXT, proving fun and youthful. The pre-chorus in particular is excellent, than we hit the chorus. The chorus is not particularly bad, it just from a different song (think KARD) and is has a cloying one line hook (Neor Saranghae). The chorus instantly crushed my hopes for the song, and I don't think it ever fully recovers. Right before the chorus ends though, the instrumentation speeds up, this works well.

The second verse trap break Doesn't fit with either style the song is building towards, and just breaks the flow. The pre-chorus reminds us of what the song is supposed to be, before we hit the chorus again. I Love You features a dumb bridge and excellent climax, both also dysfunctional with each other. If my thoughts feel like an order-less jumbled mess, give the song a listen.

Rating: 5.5/10


  1. It's really bad. I'm surprised Nick still gave it a 7.75. Well I'd give it a 5. There is no difference from BOY and BOY is better 2 points than this crap. That is my opinion and also a hint of frustration towards YG

    1. Sometimes I get concerned that there are two Teddy Parks in K-Pop, one was behind Crooked, Fantastic Baby, Monster, Heroine, Gashina, I Love You (2Ne1) and I am the Best. The second one is behind Ice Cream, How you Like That, Solo, Birthday, Boy, I Love You (Treasure). Why can't YG let G-Dragon produce a track, or bring back the real Teddy?


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