Review: KNK - Ride
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Review: KNK - Ride

If KNK don't break out soon, they will be known as the "one and a half generation late group". Their sound has taken elements of trance, electro pop, ballad, and way too much Beast influence (I love them for the last point). With songs like 'Sunset', 'Back Again' and now 'Ride', KNK have became one of modern K-Pop's most underrated groups. And while Sunset did not break them out, it gained the guys tons of new fans. A hiatus was not what the group needed, but I am happy we eventually got Ride.

Ride reminds me of the underrated groups of 2013/2014 (LC9, Bigflo, Lu:kus, Wonder Boyz), this is a compliment (despite it, also highlighting the song's occasional lack of surprises). Ride's verses remind of old K-Pop in terms of energy, but are unique when it comes to the instrumental.  The galloping electronic percussion contrasts with the vocals and instantly amazes. The exception to this is the second verse, which follows modern K-Pop's generic structure, and is actually one of the most underwhelming uses of trap in a while. The pre-chorus salvages though.

Right before the chorus, the instruments pause, and just like in Ateez's 'Wonderland' and Craxy's 'Aria', I get worried. Thankfully, just like in the aforementioned songs, the following chorus removes all fears. While the vocals are still a concern, the electronic moments and percussion hold the chorus up, until the 'Take a ride' refrain brings the song back to full power.

Some may find Ride confusing, I can understand their sentiment. The song never really pauses and gallops onward with awkward hook assists. But the sheer energy and style with which it is performed wins me over.

Rating: 8.75/10