Review: Reol - Q?

Review: Reol - Q?

Reol's songs can get a little out of hand when going electronic. Yet, she released an excellent, almost magnum opus track in August's 'Sixth Sense'. I awarded it song of the month, yet I felt many ignored because of how solid August's J-Pop line-up was. Apparently, the Digimon people noticed her, and her new track is a Digimon OST, though it sounds nothing like that.

Though REOL (a trio consisting of Reol as the singer, Giga as the producer, and Okiku as the MV director) disbanded, Reol and Giga are still working together. I personally think these two work pretty well as a duo. Also, controversial opinion, Reol's MVs are actually better at times post-Okiku.

Getting to the track, 'Q?' is one of the weirder tracks concept and MV wise this year. The song can also get weird at times, and I am talking about that epic finale, but more on that later.

'Q?' starts with a solid tempo and groove, and simply flows into the chorus, which allows Reol's youthful vocals to take charge. The second verse is quite rap-heavy, but Reol is a surprisingly epic rapper and holds the cacophony together quite well. Right afterwards, things go back to the opening flow, and it stays that way. I just wish the hook was a little less repetitive.

As I have learned, Reol can let her vocals take over, and she does so in the too-short bridge. The electronic finale is all Giga, and he takes over, letting his weird, over-produced electronics take over. It is weird, unpredictable, and epic, just like Reol's career.

Rating: 8.5/10

Image Source: OWLDB