Horrid Song Review: Luhan - Lu

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 Horrid Song Review: Luhan - Lu

Whenever the music scene is getting to rosy (or I have free time at hand), I think I might review a song with a score lower than four. So strap on and (PLEASE) get those ear mufflers.

 Let me get this out of the way first: I am a big fan of Luhan. And when 'Lu' came out, my hopes were up. But looking over his career, Luhan's singles have been vastly inconsistent. I love some of his songs like 'That Good Good', but in particular, I love his OST single 'Medals', the song is in running to be the next 10/10 song review. And less than two months after 'Medals' was unveiled, Luhan's next single from his new album was gonna be promoted. Then I hear 'Lu', possibly the worst mainstream song ever. There might be some song I have not heard which is worse, but among artists who are willing to spend more than a quarter or two for their songs, I think Lu is the worst.

For starters, Luhan was apparently drunk during the recording of the song, and thus probably not performing to the best of his abilities. Now I have not drunk, but I don't think alcohol turns your voice into whatever this is (moaning?). It is just off-tune and awkward. I presume it was supposed to be sexy or something already off, but as a YouTube comment points "Someone tell him his name means Morning deer not Moaning deer", it sounds painful and forced, the English lyrics (cringe) don't help as Luhan clearly is out of his comfort zone. This on its own would be horrible, but the producer decides that the talented singer who was a voice in songs like 'Medals' and 'Miracles in December' needs auto-tune for a simple tune without to much variance. In the end, the vocals sound closer to a painful last sentence, vomit, or other disgusting stuff that I really cannot mention than Luhan's singing (actually forget Luhan, my singing naturally is better than this.....).

Ad-Libs often an integral part of the song. sometimes they can get Bruce-Lee scream level random (Think Michael Jackson, or better yet, Al Yankovic as Michael Jackson), they usually are fun. The 'Ooh Ooh' hook/ad-lib in Lu might be the worst moment in the song. It sounds ugly, out of place an his performed horrendously.

Trap beats occasionally work, especially when working with charismatic rap. Lu is neither rap nor charisma (it is talking) and the beat just makes this song sound like puke.

Looking over this, I cannot fathom why I wanted to review it. It has been 5 years and this song still stinks. I cannot find a single favorable aspect in the song. Maybe I would be nicer if it was not by Luhan and came just months after 'Medals', but even then, a 2/10 would seem fair. Don't worry though, I still love Luhan. 'Medals' might get a 10/10 song review in the next few months.

Rating: 0.5/10

I am posting the video here, don't say I did not warn you before listening........ The lyrics suck too........


  1. As much as I love Luhan, the Chinese music industry as a whole feels like trashed music. A place of mainstream horribleness and disaster.

    1. Sometimes finding a good C-Pop song is so hard, I used to like a few C-Pop artists back in the early 2010s such as Spexial, but recently C-Pop has been dull. This is kind of sad because C-Pop is the mother to K and J pop. I think it is sad that Luhan was reduced to this. Still, there are a few modern C-Pop songs I like to recommend.

      Namewee Ft. Wang Leehom - Stranger In the North
      Namewee - China Reggaeton
      Wang Leehom - Long De Chuan Ren
      G.E.M - Full Stop
      G.E.M - Lightyears Away
      Wu Jiancheng - Wild Island
      Boys Story - Too Busy
      Luhan - Medals

      I excluded all EXO songs as they are also K-Pop.

      Nothing bugs me more than this song though, rather than who greenlit it, who wrote it? I am truly worried about him. This song is sooo bad it inspired a new feature from me. C-Pop needs to improve, and I know I am not the only ex-cpop fan who is dissapointed....

      Thank you for dealing with my Rant :)


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